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What is Frond

Frond is a new platform for online community. Because it’s built from threads instead of chat, conversations are deeper, easier to follow, and scale automatically. Share, learn, laugh, and get to know each other online.

How can I use Frond?

Frond is built to power all kinds of communities. Here are a few ideas for how Frond can be used, but we are always excited to see new kinds of communities grow on Frond:

How to get started

Sign up here – it’s free and quick to set up: Give your community a name, choose a template, and invite your first users. If you start from a template, we’ll automatically create matching groups for your community. You can always edit everything to your liking.

Creating Groups

By default, any community member can create new groups. To do so, navigate to "Groups" in the left sidebar and click the "Create group" button in the top right corner. Give your group a title, emoji, and description. After creating the group, you can customize it further by adding a cover image and inviting members to join.

Make a group private

Any member can create a private group. Private groups are only visible to invited members – even admins won’t be able to discover a private group unless they are invited. When creating a new group, enable the “Make private” option. Group creators can also make their existing groups private at a later time.